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Do you want a well-mannered dog?
Do you have unwanted behaviors?
Do you want to create a stronger bond with your companion?

I am fully vaccinated

  • I'm a certified positive dog trainer. 

  • I use only positive reinforcement to achieve behavior acquisition and modification. 

  • I train your puppies, adults, or senior dogs of any breed. 

  • I can come to your home, your neighborhood. 

  • Discounts for rescue dogs. Several free services. 

  • Easy scheduling available.

Force free training = no choke, prong, or electronic collars or any aversive props.

Some of the puppies and adults dogs

I have trained

I help you to not have unwanted behaviors

but to get the ones you want.

I train people, families, children,

and dogs!

Zippo likes to check at the window, 

on the couch or in his bed

zippo at window.jpg


"Thanks to Gaelle’s insights into dog behavior and dog/human interaction, my pup has been cured of his leash pulling behavior.

She really goes above and beyond, and her training approach meets the unique needs of each animal and owner."

A. B. with Zippo - EBCA - Bethesda, MD

In memory of Zippo - RIP

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