My biggest pride is to see the dog and his people understand the stronger bond we create with training.  

Why choose me?

Sushi was 5 months old when she entered our lives. She was rescued from Arkansas, thanks to Ozark Homeward Bound

She was very shy, afraid of noises, and unable to climb the stairs. She didn’t even know her name!

We figured out she -and all of us at home- needed some basic training to manage the situation. As I was training Sushi, she became more responsive, happier and gained more freedom.

She is off leash most of the time and very confident.

So, maybe like you now, I went through frustration to understand what to do and how to speak dog!

Training is the answer!


I did my certification with Karen Pryor Academy a positive reinforcement  method.

This is a certification you obtain after 6 months of intense training, with workshops, videos, exercises, homework, assignments, quizzes and three different tests.


While taking classes, I volunteered with the nonprofit organization, Your Dog's Friend in Rockville, MD, as assistant dog trainer.


I also helped K9-Lifesavers to find a new home for rescue dogs.

Then, I have moved to South Africa and I was involved with the SA Guide Dogs Association, raising Oslo who is now a Service Dog in Capetown. I volunteered a lot in training and supervision.

Now, back to the DC area, I'm volunteering with the Guide Dog foundation  and America's VetDogs, doing puppy camps.  

In addition, I'm again assisting training with Your Dog's Friend in classes for puppy Kindergarten, basic obedience and agility.

I'm fluent in English and French

Oslo and his new person

How will I train your dog?

What is positive training? Positive reinforcement training methods are science based and used with a lot of species. No punishment, no NO, only good rewards can improve the capacity and confidence of your dog to learn faster and better.

Watch this video why positive reinforcement is working​.

For additional information, please check this website Clicker Training.

To train your dog we’ll use a marker and treats.


Why a marker? To tell your dog when she is doing the right thing. It's a tool to communicate easily and faster with your dog. The marker can be a clicker or a word like "Nice!" or "Yes!" or "Yep!".


Why treats? Food is one of the best rewards for your dog. It also can be a toy or petting.


Would I need to use a marker and treats forever? No. These are tools for your dog to understand what you want and to behave properly. When your dog knows how to respond to a cue, you will use the marker and treats irregularly, and then, never.


"We believe that training animals and teaching people should always be based on positive reinforcement; kindly, observant, empathetic teaching; and skillful use of the technology and the science on which the training is based." Karen Prior

The creator of clicker training

"My dog and I love Gaelle!

I have a 3 year old mixed hound rescue dog.  He is friendly and sweet but when he gets excited or distracted, he jumps, barks, and doesn’t pay attention. 

Gaelle has helped us both so much with this.  She has given me strategies to change this behavior and, perhaps more importantly, to anticipate it and prevent it. She is patient and positive (with me and with the dog!). 

My dog adores her and is very responsive to her and I am appreciative of all she is teaching me. 

I would recommend her to anyone looking for help with their pet."

A. S., Maryland




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