My great pride is to get happy dogs with their families.

Positive training is essential to reach it. 

Who am I

Maybe like you, I found the early days of having a puppy very challenging. When I first rescued Sushi at 5 months from Ozark Homeward Bound, she was very shy. Sushi was afraid of noises, unable to climb stairs and timid in her new surroundings. 

I was frustrated trying to understand how to work with this sweet, scared young puppy until I realized that training was the answer

Through training, Sushi became more responsive, happy, confident and free. Sushi and I discovered a whole new world.

With my eyes opened to this new world I decided to change my career.

I enrolled and completed The Karen Pryor Academy training, a leading positive reinforcement and science based dog training method with a worldwide reputation for having great success.

I completed 6 months of intense training, which included workshops, videos, exercises, homework, assignments, quizzes and different tests.

While taking the classes I also volunteered with the nonprofit organization, Your Dog's Friend in Rockville, MD, as an assistant dog trainer and with

K9-Lifesavers to find a new home for rescue dogs.

Since completing my training I have continued to volunteer while starting my business, Sir Doggie.

While living in South Africa, I was involved with the Guide Dogs Association and volunteered as a trainer and supervisor. During this time, I am most proud of raising Oslo. 

Oslo is now a Service Dog in Capetown.

I am back in the DC area and I'm volunteering with the

Guide Dog Foundation and America's VetDogs, to conduct puppy camps for dogs with behavior issues.

Once again I am volunteering and assisting with classes for puppy Kindergarten, puppy party, basic obedience, basic manners, puppy parties, and agility at Your Dog's Friend.

Oh I forgot! You won't miss my French accent!

I'm French and fluent in English.

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Sushi came to us from Arkansas

when she was 5 months old

all these hands for me!
all these hands for me!

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Oslo and Andrew
Oslo and Andrew

Oslo and his new person

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Our first time together
Our first time together

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Oslo's life with me in South-Africa, then with the person he is helping now.


"We have been using the services of Sir-Doggie when we first got our puppy, Bodie, 2-months old at the time.  Gaelle is a wonderful trainer. She has taught our family so many different things that have enabled us to manage him.  We still have a lot to learn, but I am confident that by working closely with Gaelle we will be able to reach our goal of having a well-trained and happy dog that will bring us joy for many years to come.  I highly recommend Sir-Doggie!"

S. W. with Bodie – EBCA - Bethesda, MD