Private sessions are for you and your dog, regardless of age or breed.

With a questionnaire and an analysis of the behaviors of your dog, Sir Doggie will tailor a training plan to your needs for your specific dog. 

Obi 4 months, is well focused

Bodie knows "leave it" at 4 months!

PUPPIES: All puppies need to be trained to learn basic manners and proper socialization. This includes: sit, down, come, wait, stay, leave it, give, leash walking, as well as being confident in different environments.

Challenges like jumping, chewing, barking or counter surfing should be addressed. Sir Doggie will teach you how to communicate with your puppy and give you the skills to practice, exercise, etc.

You can start as soon as your dog is settled in your home.

BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS? Sir Doggie can address most behavior issues at any age. Resource guarding, reactivity to dogs and/or people, barking, destroying, aggression, separation anxiety, crate training, house training, other pets at home issues, welcoming a new baby.

FAMILY and CHILDREN with their PET: Having a new dog? Getting your child responsible with your pet? Need of after school activity for your kids or teens? Sir Doggie can teach your children how to act safely outside with your dog and at home with friends, how to read your dog, and even teach them fun tricks and games, and basic agility.



Within a few sessions we can bring you back to normal life with dogs. They don’t have to be your best friends but you can manage your fear or anxiety of them.


SENIORS PEOPLE: if you are having difficulty walking or other physical ailments, Sir Doggie teach you techniques which will help you to manage your dog .


PRIVATE LESSONS from your home:
  • A total of 3.5 hours personalized training based on your needs and our schedule.
  • We will plan:
    • Visits with social distance = 1 hour + 1/2 hour = total of 1.5 hour
    • Sessions with Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp = 3 times of 40 minutes
      + unlimited emails or text to follow up.
  • Cost: $250 to pay at the 1st session.
  • Referring new owners = -15%
  • Set of 2nd sessions or classes = -15%
Payments are required at the time of service, by cash, check or transfer.

Free email or text to follow up

These young dogs will become Guide-Dogs

Baxter, Oslo & Sushi in the bush

Other services



Are you TRAVELING? Are you MOVING? I have done this many times. I can help your dog to adjust to a new home and neighborhood. I can help you with legal requirements necessary for travel nationally or overseas.



Choosing your dog is a big decision and is not easy. I can help you define your lifestyle to determine the best temperament and breed for you and I can help you prepare to welcome a new family member.


Good health and an understanding of genetic breed disease and how interacts food is important for a happy dog.

Props such as leashes, leads, collars and harnesses can make your day much easier; does your dog is pull on lead? Have you tried the gentle leader or a specific harness?


You need a vet, a groomer, a behaviorist, a pet shop? Please ask!

You can do agility everywhere!

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